My First Portfolio

I thought I’d write something about my photography, so I guess I’ll start by sharing my best ten photographs that I took for my photography class this last semester in college.

Every week, we had an assignment where we had to take 50 or so photos that had to do with a certain photography technique. As you’ll see, my photos improve and have different styles. I chose ten of my favourite shots to be part of my final project. All of these were shot on my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera with either my 18-55mm or my 50mm lens.





These three were taken in the Westmount greenhouse and the assignment was to focus on composition in black and white. There were all shot with my 50mm lens- it works miracles.


This one actually wasn’t my favourite until my teacher pointed it out and I edited it. It’s a 4-second long exposure portrait of my sister taken up North in the woods. I started with her in the frame, then told her to move out of it after 2 seconds. I brought up the contrast so that the autumn colours could stand out and I kinda like how the ghostly effect of the birch three makes it look like it can be her veins. This was shot with my 18-55mm.



These two were taken in the plateau of my friend Juliana. It was for a diptych assignment, meaning two photos related to each other but not exactly the same. I had an idea of kind of this anonymous portrait and I really liked the way it turned out – the aesthetics of the coat with the bags and the street setting vibe is something I like.


This probably has to be my best shot of the whole semester. It was taken for a portrait assignment and I got Juliana to stand so that the shadow cut her face off and it turned out perfectly. Again, my beloved 50mm helped me get that wide aperture and shallow depth of field with its low f/stop of a beautiful 1.8.

These three were taken in the plateau and could be considered as my triptych because the colours and composition of all three compliment each other.

This class really helped me to define my style and appreciate photography even more than I did before, which I thought was impossible. I really enjoyed it and I hope to develop my portfolio in the future.

Yours truly,

Leana x


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