Easy Winter Outfits

Winter outfits can be difficult to put together because all you want to is be warm, but who says being warm can’t mean being cute? Although Canadian winters consist of huge winter jackets, scarves, mittens, I believe that there is a way to still rock your favourite styles underneath all of that! I’m showing you three outfits to help you stay warm and look amazing during this cold season.

Katherine x0

1. Girly Chic


This look incorporates simple pieces that every girl should have: cropped sweater, skater skirts, knee high socks and black booties. This outfit is perfect for girls who love to wear skirts and dresses; who said you can’t wear them in the winter? By pairing a simple skirt with a cropped sweater and knee high socks or nylons, you will definitely keep warm and still look cute and girly.


I’ve also added a grey coat to add extra warmth and to tie the whole look together. Pairing a monochrome jacket or coat over any outfit with add tons of warmth and can also demonstrate your personal style.


Continuing with adding extra warmth, add accessories such as scarves and hat to keep to warm and add to your style.

2. The Intern


This look is perfect for our everyday working girl. The use of laying a blouse underneath a sweater creates dimension as well as warmth. Try wearing a bold coloured top rather than that neutral coloured sweater you love to wear. Remember, colour is good sometimes!


If you live in a warmer climate, pairing a simple leather jacket is perfect for you! It keeps you warm enough for that cool winter breeze and adds style to a simple outfit. I’ve chosen to wear a grey leather jacket rather than an average black one to cut up the outfit, but a black leather jacket would work just as fine!

3. Girl Next Door


This outfit is the easiest outfit to put together; just grab a plain white t-shirt, a flannel and some leggings and you’re done!

P.S. I’ve started watching One Tree Hill and have just realized that my flannel has Nathan Scott’s number on the back. Score.


For an added layer of warmth, try adding a parka and a warm scarf. This outfit is perfect for a college girl or as an everyday outfit.

Check out my video to see the outfits in action! x


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