I was looking at my pinterest board, as always, and noticed that I kept pinning pictures of interior design, especially desks and work areas. So I thought I’d show you some of my favorite pictures and help you achieve a minimalistic work area!

Let’s get started, Katherine x

One great thing about having a minimalistic desk is having more room to do your work with less distractions.


This desk area is perfect for those of you who mainly use your computer to do work as your main focus is on your computer and there are very few objects around to distract you.

It is essential that you find other ways to store extra supplies, book or crafts instead of on your desk because this will obviously create clutter and no one is motivated to work at a messy desk!

Studio Makeover: Before & After!:
In this desk area, they added a set of drawers underneath the desk in order to create more storage space without making it look too messy.
Here they’ve added shelves that fill the whole back wall in order to organize their files, supplies and other books; keeping the desk completely minimal.

Another tip is to keep the few objects you do keep on your desk neutral colored. Often having too many colors in one area can make it seems very messy and very overwhelming.

Keeping all of the objects in black or white with some soft green compliments keeps your work space feeling cozy and welcoming.
I love this work area due to the roughness of the desk contrasting against the more modern black and white objects placed on top of it.
Keeping the minimalistic mood, the very few objects on this desk are all either black or white, keeping the overall modern theme.

Finally, for those of you looking to achieve a minimalistic work space, but don’t want to keep everything in black and white, you can add accents around the desk to compliment the overall look.

Bureau rosé:
This home owner decided to add a light pink accent wall with one single piece of artwork to keep the minimalistic theme without ruining it by going all out with color.
If I ever finally get successful at working from home...or maybe even just my study desk while I'm working on my doctorates :):
You can also add an accent chair and stick with neutral objects on top of your desk.
Inspired by the color palette of these vibrant framed prints, Christine worked in pops of blues, greens, and corals throughout the room.:
Finally, you can add pops of colour by adding frames on the wall around your desk. However, be sure to add frames that have matching colors to avoid your wall looking messy!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed all of my tips inspired by pictures of interior decor on pinterest. If you want to follow me to get more home inspiration, here’s a link to my profile:

Have fun pinning! x


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