Our Favourite YouTubers

As you may know from our previous posts, we love Youtube. So, in order to share our love for Youtube with you guys, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite Youtubers ranging from vloggers to beauty gurus to fashionistas!



Type: Fashion

Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan are two college students from Vancouver who love fashion. They post look books and “how to style” and are always sharing the current season’s trends. To put it in simple terms, their closets are goals. They also have a blog, check them out: http://wearetothe9s.blogspot.ca/

Casey Neistat
Type: Vlogging, Lifestyle, Travel
Casey is a filmmaker based in New York City who’s just plain awesome. He posts a vlog everyday but they’re not just ordinary vlogs. This guy roams the streets of NYC on an electric skateboard, wears his signature custom sunglasses indoors and has the cutest daughter EVER.

Type: Beauty, Fashion, DIYs
Remi Ashten Cruz is a bubbly, confident and funny 20 year old woman who loves to make beauty, fashion and DIY videos. Her personality keeps you entertained and her video content is just plain fun and cute!

Type: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle
Jess is a student residing in Edinburgh but she’s from London. I’ve been loving her vlogtober series and I admire her minimalist style. Her accent makes me like watching her videos that much more and she wears round glasses like me, so of course she’s one of my favourites.

Siena Mirabella
Type: Beauty and Fashion
Siena is a 17 year old fashion and beauty youtuber. Her style is comfy and trendy, perfect for any teen! Her laid-back personality makes you feel like she’s just one of the girls! Her jokes are often very subtle, but you make you die of laughter!

Ben Brown
Type: Vlogging, Lifestyle, Travel
I’ve been subscribed to Ben for almost two years now and it’s never been a dull moment. He’s a british vlogger and filmmaker who lives in Cape Town but is constantly travelling. He’s one of my biggest inspirations for photography and, not to mention, his instagram feed is literal goals.

Estée Lalonde
Type: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
Estée is Canadian-born, but is currently living in London. She posts many different types of videos, but she mostly focuses on beauty and fashion. One thing I love about her is that she tells the truth straight up; if she doesn’t like a beauty product, she won’t hide it. She also has a blog, check it out: http://www.esteelalonde.com/

The Michalaks
Type: Vlogging, Lifestyle, Beauty
This family of three’s weekly vlog is the highlight of my Sundays. Stefan, Hannah and Grayson are a british family who live in London and who don’t sugar coat their lives, which I admire. Stef edits the vlogs and they are amazing; every week tells a story. Also, the music they use is so. good. They are probably my favourite YouTubers ever.

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